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Post Cards From the Road

Sunset over Key West – Filtered
Filtering helps photographers bring out colors, remove distractors, focus on and highlight the main subject, and make an image more appealing and the subject more “attractive”.
When filters are applied to life…you can do the same thing: filter out the bad stuff, while enriching, highlighting, and making your views…more “attractive”.
Again, know what filters to apply, when to apply them, and to what degree to apply them…is a recipie only you can create and..”season to your own taste” (sly grin to Smidge!) Seeing things in this way may not change the harsh realities of life, but they might just add just the right amount joy and happiness to keep those cruel shadows of reality at bay (wink out to RL!). Just as we choose the best clothes and accessories to complement those moments of life we deem important for us to “look our best” (Yeah Resa, you do WONDERS for those actors!) and bring out those splendid hints and twists in a novel ( Jill, gotta throw a Kudo out to ya, Author extrordonnaire!), and finally..we are so very careful to choose only the most exact words for our poems (Dean J. and guys…wow!). Maybe if we apply the same zeal in how we “see” things, people, places around us…Life could get just a little bit easier for us all. I know for fact…I would not be as happy and as joyful as I am today, were it not for learning to see things in a different light. And, I know that ALL these things are possible…with a little help from our firends! Thank you so much to ALL of my friends, followers, and guests, for helping get this far in my blogging and my photography.Each of you play a part in my passion and motivation to get out there and bring back the very best I can for you guys to enjoy!
And …Sometimes…I get to see things a little bit more clearly and beautifully myself. Learning to see with your soul….can become a passion! Stay safe out there everyone! Until next time …write it, photograph it, tell it, cook/ bake it…live it…from the soul, with passion! Oh, and Tracie…can ya pass that rum back over here? I hope your spending some time out there on the front of that sailboat…riding happy and free in your sea of inspiration and amazing imagery!

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