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Moments in Time

By Popular Demand: Here is the color version.
I hope this post and image finds everyone safe, warm, and happy this weekend! Valentines Day is coming and true love..well, that is special, very hard to find, and can be even more difficult to hang on to. Taking things for granted is a sure way to lose those things we think will always “just be there”. Take a few moments this weekend to make sure anyone who is special in your life knows how you feel about them!
Finally, just a shout out to my many new friends here in the bloggosphere! Each you help me improve my quality of life and inspire me to work harder at bringing my photography to a new level while seeing everyday people and events in a whole new perspective. Stay safe everyone!

Landscapes and Seascapes

A New Day DawningA New Day Dawning
While I was busy working on my passion of photography, and concentrating on on focus, framing, exposure, white balance….I noticed a movement off to my right, and the sounds of geese…LOTS of geese…as I looked up from my camera and to the right towards the rising sun..this is what I saw. A huge formation of geese heading in a direction that would cross between me and the rising sun. No time to calculate and fidget with setting! I ripped my camera from the tripod, at the same time I dialed in the notorious “P” (Programmed Auto Setting) on my Nikon D700, pointed, framed, and fired off three snaps of the shutter. This was the third shot, only minor sharpening and plus 3 on the saturation was all I did in Lightroom, and now I present it here for you. Proof positive that Matrix metering, programmed auto, and some incredible good luck can produce some gorgeous images! I know it is not the “perfect shot” and given time I am sure I could get that, but this was just a luck and sometime we all could use a little luck!
Location: Folly Beach, SC, USA
Equipment used: Nikon D700, Nikkor 24-70 2.8 lens, and one each..stroke of luck!
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