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Natural Beauty

Or, Beauty in Nature. This is an image of a good friend of mine (not a model, but works in skin care). She is Native American and wanted to create images of personality and handiwork. It took about two hours to capture this image. We waited first for the winds to calm down and the insects to relax and stop making ripples in the lake. The we had to wait for a rain shower to pass. Eventually, I got about waist deep in the pond and brought the camera just over the top of the water. As if it was meant to be, the winds calmed, insects and aquatic life became still, and I fired off three click of the shutter.

I have been asked to consider writing a “how to” book on the creation of some of my images. Just out of curiosity, I may give it a go. I am considering not only going in to detail about camera setting, lighting, and location information as well as going into more detail about communication with the models in regards to image creation, collaboration on wardrobe, style, settings, posing, etc. I feel I would probably bore people to death, but I have been asked several times, now so I am thinking maybe I should just go for it. Any comments or ideas would as always, be greatly appreciated! Until next time, stay safe and Happy Holidays to all! You can view the image in HiRes HERE

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  1. Dear Stan… it’s Resa, commenting from my street art blog. This shot is uber fabulous! This is a work of art.
    Yes, camera settings .. (yawn for me) but .. it seems that the adventure beneath is the excitement. Were there gators?
    My friend, you are so talented, and your eye for beauty is a joy for me. Let’s talk more! You have my email from the comments section of your WP ADMIN. Let’s brain storm!
    Hey… I need advice, too!
    Some shots of me from my Art Gowns blog (and I am older!!!)

    December 8, 2015 at 5:23 pm

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