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Folly Beach, SC, USA looking at the Morris Light House
This reminded me of the storms of life and how many we go through. For me, the rocks seem to hold my courage and resolve firm and sturdy dispite the massive volume of trials and life’s many complicated and overwhelming tides of troubles and woes. And just like the ocean tides, troubles seem to ebb and flow the same. How we deal with those life challenges truly form and shape who we are today. The light house takes the form of our values, morals, and many of the absolutes we believe and cherish in our life. Just as surely as it guides ships and voyagers from certain disaster, our very own souls will do the same of us…if we only take those few moments..sometimes…to look for our own direction, see our way clear of our past and present troubles, and sail on into this glorious gift of life. Embrace our fears and while reaching out…joining together, and build a sturdy bridge of hope and inspiration for others to see, realize, and overcome so many of hours of loneliness and sorrow. For even in our darkest hour….soon, the sun will rise and give a new day, a new chance, a fresh shot at our resolve and our chosen paths of life.

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