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Happy Friday everyone! I have decided to start a new blog featuring the models in my photography. Thanks so much to over 45 of you who wanted me to just add them here on my ‘scapes and digital artwork blog. But I do realize that much of my work may not go well in a “work safe” environment! Please click on the link to the blog and click “follow” if you would like (I would be much appreciative), and THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who have stayed with me while I gathered data on adding the models and female form work here, or on another blog.


Greetings everyone! Even though I have had an overwhelming number of votes to keep my female form images on my current blog….out of respect for several of you, I have decided to begin a new blog post that will deature the lovely models that I try my best to do justice to in their images. Also featured will be my work with the female form with black and white, shadows, contrast, and more…risque’ imagery. I am reposting this one using my original blog, so please, if you would like to follow my models and portfolio work, please follow I will be leaving my with only nature, stills, landscapes, seascape, wildlife, etc…
Thank you so much to all of you for allowing me to grow in the blogging community and hope to see MANY of you following, I will be rating some of the images as “mature” but…

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