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This print is now available in Gliclee’ watercolor and many other styles and merchandise (such as puzzles, aprons, etc…) Click on the image to see it in High Res. Click on the close button to see other images in this gallery, click on the buy button for purchase options. Reblog is due to several questions on “how to purchase” regarding my images. Thanks for your support and blog visits!


The Morris light house as seen at sunrise from Folly Beach, SC. This blog is my first showing of my new life (and second career) after retiring from the US Military. I will be posting many more of my images as I grow into my new life as a photographer, please give me a shout to let me know your thoughts and ideas! I am always looking for new places and new faces to photograph. My home state is South Carolina, and I plan to travel the world again but THIS time, I can take the time, to not only smell the coffee…but to savor the flavors and photograph the beauty around me. Thanks so much for taking the time to veiw my images! Any purchaes made will be greatly appreciated (the funds help to finance my travels), but definitely not required. Please enjoy the images, and bear with me…

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