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Moving a little farther south, but still in South Carolina; I spent an evening on Edisto Island in a place called “the Boneyard”. Trying my hand at some of my photography skills, I used some high aperture settings along with some slow shutter speeds to capture some of the more surreal scenes of this magical beach. At high tide, the ocean rushes inland to submerge the trees that have clung to life on the beach. The trees pictured here are quite large, a grown person would actually have to reach up to touch the lowest limb on these trees feature near the center of this shot. you can see many more of my images of this gorgeous place by clicking here: and click on the Landscapes and Seascapes gallery. Hope you enjoying veiwing as much as I enjoyed photographing this wonderful gem in South Carolina! And again, by purchasing a print you help he fund my travels to photograph the most gorgeous subjects on earth, thank you!

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  1. Thank you guys so much for the “likes”! And “fashionsoundtrack”, just shared one of your posts, Liam is truly a pleasure to listen to! Thanks again!

    March 29, 2012 at 2:47 am

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